Ecovillage Wiki

The ZEGG (Center for Experimental Culture Design) Community

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (80 km southwest of Berlin)

Role of Youth: Growing importance. Team (4 persons) which is responsible for supporting Youth in living in the community. "We need more people living here in order for them to play a role!"

Age Demographics of Residents: 70 adults (all between 30 and 60), 5 teenagers and 3 persons under 30

Programs/Activities for Youth:

-4 times a year ZEGG holds big festivals and in each one there is a specific offering for the young people (described as Twenprojekt).

-Sometimes accept young people for practical trainings – in the kitchen, the newspaper, etc.

-In July students of the Traveling School of Life will start at ZEGG and stay there for 3 weeks, to get a basic knowledge about living in a group together, communication, decision making and practical ecological knowledge.

Incentive for Youth Residents: To learn about community, communication, love and sexuality, peacework and get to know an alternative way of living.

The Twenproject: A network ZEGG founded almost two years ago open for all young people between 20 and 30 who are searching for an alternative way of living. "Our focus in the work with young people is first to create a room of trust and cooperation instead of achievement and competition. A special focus is communication: What does it mean: community as a behaviour? What skills – not only practically but also mentally and emotionally – do we need to create a sustainable future? What are our fears? Which knowledge do we need about the system to act in a different way than usual? These are themes in our work with young people."

For for further information and contacts in this ecovillage, visit ZEGG's Website