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Meeting Agenda

Workbee: 11:00 a.m; Meeting: 4:00 p.m; Potluck: 6:30 p.m.

42312 Yarrow Central Road, Yarrow

1. Check-in/inspiration @4:00 (10 min)

2. Approval of Agenda (05 min)

3. Questions and answers (05 min)

4. Minutes of last meeting (10 min)

5. Improving finances (20 min)

a) The document "Investing in YES" was circulated to members at the last General Meeting. A decision is required on the best strategy to ensure financial sustainability.
b) A report on rental income has been distributed by Willy. A decision is needed on next steps.

6. Environmental Farm Plan (20 min)

Tamas made a brief presentation on the Environmental Farm Plan at the General Meeting in February. Members will report on a workshop about grants through this program. Decision required.

7. Membership Agreement (20 min)

The draft membership agreement has been re-worked to align with YES Vision, Principles and Strategies. See "YES Membership Agreement Draft 1. For discussion."

8. New approach to Phase 1 (20 min)

The Development Team will provide a report on next steps for residential building. For discussion.

9. Land Use Planning Workshop (20 min)

The Land Stewards will present a format for the workshop scheduled for April 2. For discussion and approval.

10. Announcements/updates/future proposals (10 min)

  • Yarrow community Spring Dinner
  • Natural Building workshop

11. Next Meeting(s) (05 min)

12. Check-out @ 6:25 p.m. (05 min)

Only members will have received the documents mentioned above, however, the summaries are provided so that everyone may know what will be discussed. The meeting is open to all.

The workbee will begin at 11:30 a.m. Non-members are welcome to participate. Please bring work clothes (warm ones), a lunch or something to share for lunch and a dish for the potluck. Non-members can come at any time and stay for as long as they wish.

Looking forward to a great meeting,



If you need directions, or a ride, let me know. Michael 08:29, 11 Mar 2005 (GMT)