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Info About Working Groups[]

Working groups take action to change the world. They take on projects, put on events, take positions on specific issues, and in these and other ways affect our world. They are independent and self-governing. Any Next GEN member can start one. There are only two restrictions: working groups are not authorized to speak on behalf of Next GEN as a whole, and a working group's aims must further at least one of Next GEN's three main goals (to create and maintain a supportive global network of youth, to train pluralist youth leaders for the present, and to manifest GEN's vision as reality). As Next GEN becomes an increasingly far reaching network of youth committed to global change, working groups will spring up to address problems that matter to its members. The whole system is modeled quite closely after the Langley Community Forum ( Check out the active working groups listed below. For more information about what they're up to and what you can do to help , send an email to the address next to the group. If you want to start one yourself contact Justin Wright or Aaron Cross at or

Raising Awareness[]

The NEED For Sustainable Living to Be Taught in Mainstream Education.

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