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Wikiversity is a free online learning community that anyone can attend. A regular contributor to Wikiversity is called a Wikiversitan.

Ecovillage Institute[]

The Ecovillage WikiProject will embed itself at Wikiversity soon as the Ecovillage Institute.

The Ecovillage Institute is a key part of the Wikiversity School of Agriculture, Agroecology Division. It is also closely linked to the School of Engineering and particularly focused on renewable energy systems. Other schools divisions and departments may develop an interest in Ecovillages and Ecovillage Design.

Ecovillage Wiki[]


Ecovillage listing[]

The {{EcovillageList}} template here will be shared with the Ecovillage Institute there and WikiProject Ecovillage at Wikipedia. It is built from the List of ecovillages and will correlate with our Mailing list and the Ecovillage Newsroom.

If you have an account at Wikiversity, Let us know on the talk page and we'll try to keep you informed of develpments at Wikipedia, Wikiversity and at the Ecovillage Wiki. If you wish to join the effort, see the Project page. See also Wikipedia

MediaWiki Project[]

Wikiversity is dedicated to outreach. For example, the MediaWiki Project helps users and groups (such as the Ecovillage Wikia) learn more about using and optimizing the MediaWiki software. The collective knowlege of long-time Wikipedians, Wikiversitans and other Wikimedians is available to Wikia communities, especially if they send a bit of feedback.