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WikiProject Ecovillages[]

The Ecovillage WikiProject will embed itself at Wikipedia soon as a Wikipedia:WikiProject. It will have two parent projects:

  1. Wikipedia:WikiProject Ecoregions
  2. Wikipedia:WikiProject Ecology

Synchronizing Ecovillage articles here and Ecovillage articles there will allow contextual linkage avoiding redundant content. The relationship:

  1. Ecovillage Wiki:Project
  2. Wikipedia:WikiProject Ecovillages equated to that of the hosts:

  1. Wikia, Inc
  2. Wikimedia Foundation

This is part of a developing metaproject to build relevance between wikicities and wikipedia content.

Ecovillage topics[]

The following topics are identified as being relevant to the Ecovillage Wiki:


Some members of this project are also members of WikiProject Ecology at Wikipedia. They help to create, edit and maintain a set of articles including a portal and a main article about Ecology. They do this work on a volunteer basis under the GNU Free Documentation License. Smallwikipedialogo.png

Ecovillage Wiki[]


Ecovillage listing[]

The {{EcovillageList}} template here will be shared with WikiProject Ecovillage there. It is built from the List of ecovillages and will correlate with our Mailing list and the Ecovillage Newsroom.

If you have an account at Wikipedia, Let us know on Talk:Wikipedia and we'll try to keep you informed of develpments at Wikipedia and at the Ecovillage Wiki. If you wish to join the effort, see the Project page. See also Wikiversity