Ecovillage Wiki

Name: Web Design

Focalizer(s): Dan Hackney

Purpose: To create a website which will provide an easily accessible data base and way for people to connect, create community and facilitate action.

How can you help? (Give us info for the Data base)

What we have done: We have set up a wiki and are currently designing the more permanent wedsite

Current Projects: We are working on an intermediary website while we work on the database and other more complex aspects.

Also, there is a great site: This site is very cost efficent for web design. It also give you great strategies on how to optimize your site so that people will see it in the search engines. It does no good if people can't find your site. Yellow7 began nearly 10 years ago as a full service design shop. Over the years they have produced many websites, stand-alone presentations, and marketing collateral all with design being the key emphasis.