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A village core consists of the organs that sustain human communities. Garbage collection, commercial pakaging dispoal, human waste handling, and many other "nasty" jobs are left to the proverbial "they" who are depended upon to "figure things out" and resolve the less-appealing problems of everyday life. "We" have to eat, drink, piss, shit, and pay bills. That is what we have accepted as "the Human Condition" and are resolved to adapt to. But there may be a better way.

Treating waste as a resource, rather than a problem, might yield some insights. This represents a revolution in thinking, of course, and is likely difficult for 21st Century humans in the developed world to comprehend, let alone achieve. If waste were treated as a resource, we might begin to approach a zero waste economy, a more sustainable way of living.


The village core idea looks at some structural elements that have physical, social, economic, political and spiritual aspects. Suggested elements within the core are:

  1. A clinic
  2. A school
  3. A store, market or depot
  4. A chapel or hall

These structures or their equivalant variations are traditionally and culturally common to all villages in all societies throughout all time. However, in village cultures, they tend to be "human scale" and face-to-face entities as compared to their large-scale counterparts in modern industrial society. discuss


The village pump can be a simple hand pump over a pipe well or a solar powered cryogenically-cooled, grid-independant, high-efficiency, dynamotor connected to an elaborate pump-tower-reservoir and distribution system with integrated heating, filtration and reclaimation functionality — or something in between. We all need water. This is a core concern.