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Organizational Structure[]

Web Design[]

Create Goals and Aims[]

Update for April: Jenny and I (Justin) have taken our goals and aims as an organisation to a profecional business consultant who is helping us to clearify our direction and think about our core purpose. I will post what we come up with for feed back once we have it all sorted. All very exciting! We are working on fine tuning a document on the underlying philosphy of Next GEN.

Update for May: We have been traveling through Asia getting a non-western perspective on our philosophies and goals. This has proven to be very interesting and we hope to formulate in a more presentable way what we learned. We plan to put together on this month a presentation of next gen for the General Assembly of in Denmark this summer.

Creative Outreach[]

Intergenerational Connections[]

Conference Planners[]

April Update: The planning squad (Andrew, Jenny, Wes and Justin) have been working hard to reach youth and elders to attend the planning meeting. Wes has taken on the Americas; Andrew has responsibility for Europe and Jenny for Oceana and Asia. Justin is working on getting facilitation and other speakers/workshops. We have worked hard on establishing the purpose of the conference and will begin making contact and briefing participants shortly. Finally we have put together a draft schedule to be reviewed by those involved. Unfortunately the computer we are working from at the moment does not have a good program for posting the schedule so we may wait a couple of days.

May Update: The conference planning team is moving forward with collecting registrations and by the end of this month we hope to have a forum up where the core purpose of next gen etc can be discussed by those attending the planning meeting so that everyone who arrives is on the next page.

International Opportunities[]

April: I (Rabea) was in contact with Juan from the working group Hitch Hiker's Guide..., we started to make questionnaires for both young people living in and visiting ecovillages. I got some information from Jenny, but haven't worked on it, yet. My main update is that I'm feeling somehow overtaxed with my task and would like to ask someone to work on it instead or in cooperation with me. I on my own feel to far away and isolated to think of a system concerning almost all parts of the world. And in addition to that I feel the need to first connect with German ecovillages and youth there and to stay local for now. I would be thankful for response from you.