The Ecovillage Newsroom operates from a QUEUE which sits like a cursor on a timeline:

  1. The Future
  2. A long-range Project
  3. A near-term Plan
  4. A weekly Abstract
  5. Today: Saturday 11 July 2020
  6. A monthly Report
  7. A recent Summary
  8. A distant Record
  9. The Past

MediaWiki has some magic it can do between Current events and the New this Month section on the Main Page.

There is also dynamic interaction between The Ecovillage WikiProject and the section This Week on the Community Portal.

See Q, Queue and QUEUE for more insight

Member area Edit

I'm building Ecovillage Newsroom/Member area beginning with my own joining:

Notice that the date I entered is unique and I can remain a bit anonymous as simply "the person that joined in 2006 in week 38 on Wednesday.

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