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Next GEN Global Eco-Village Network Youth Council Planning Meeting July 24 to 28, 2006 Las Cañadas eco-village in Huatusco, Mexico

Scholarship Application

Scholarship requests will be considered on a rolling basis. Once scholarship money is gone, it’s gone – please apply today! This is a need based scholarship for the registration cost for the planning meeting (up to $250). You must indicate on this application EXACTLY what you will need the scholarship to cover. Special circumstances for those who need assistance with travel to Huatusco, Mexico will be handled on a case by case basis. If awarded a scholarship for travel, you may receive a reimbursement or frequent flyer awards to put toward the price of a ticket. If you do not receive frequent flyer awards you will need to purchase your ticket immediately with your own finances and we will reimburse you at the planning meeting once you have supplied a receipt.

Please e-mail the following information to: or fax this form to: 610-399-6621.



City/State/Country/Postal Code

Home phone

Cell/other phone:

Email: Please attach answers to the following questions: 1. Why do you want to attend the planning meeting for Next GEN?

2. What is your involvement in the eco-village movement or related sustainability movement?

3. How would you bring back/share the information you gain to your community?

4. Will you be able to attend the meeting if you are not awarded a scholarship?

5. What specific costs would you need the scholarship to cover? (The cost of the conference is $250; if you are applying for assistance with airfare you must request a specific amount of money based on ticket prices. Airfares will go up as the travel date gets closer, so it is in your best interest to book your ticket immediately after agreeing upon an amount with Next GEN!)

Check websites for reasonable airfare: