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Next Generation, Global Ecovillage Network

Planning Meeting for the US

August 3 to 5, 2007

Westtown School, Westtown PA

Registration for NextGEN planning meeting.

Please e-mail (, fax (610-399-6621) or mail this form to: Next GEN c/o Paula Kline 1019 Ashley Rd. West Chester, PA 19382 USA Your check or money order for $50.00 should be mailed to the same address. Money orders should be made out to Westtown School.

First Name: _______________________

Last Name: _______________________

E-mail address:_____________________

Telephone number: _________________

Gender: male ____ female ___


___ I will be arriving on Thursday and wish to participate in the pre-meeting workshops

___ I will be arriving on Saturday

Did you attend the GEN Conference in October 2005 at Findhorn? No___ Yes ___

Did you attend the planning meeting in Mexico in July 2006? Yes__ No___

Are you affiliated with an eco-village? No Yes

Name of eco-village _______________________________

Location of eco-village:_____________________________

Country: _________________________________________

Are you affiliated with another organization? No Yes

Name of organization: __________________________



Will you be attending as an elder ____ or as youth leader _____

Do you have any dietary needs? Are you allergic to certain foods?

Special needs – do you have any special needs that need to be tended to at the meeting?

If you cannot attend, but would like to assist a young adult to be able to attend, please send your contribution to the registration address. Checks or money orders should be made out to: Westtown School and sent to Paula Kline 1019 Ashley Rd. West Chester, PA 19382 USA

Return this form by: e-mail (, fax (610-399-6621)

Or mail this form to: Paula Kline 1019 Ashley Rd. West Chester, PA 19382 USA


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