Ecovillage Wiki

-Hi Russ (or whoever reads this),

I just returned from an ecovillage educators gathering in Hungary and I took on the task of creating a Wiki to consolidate and maintain the resources and information generated by this group.

I was excited to find this Ecovillage Wiki that was created after the Hollyhock event. Do you have any concerns and/or suggestions about us building on the foundation you created? I'm fairly new to the whole concept of Wikis, but it looks pretty easy.

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

In community,

- Daniel Greenberg

Hi Daniel,

I believe that would be a great use of the Wiki! I'm new to using it myself. Michael Hale, as a result of the N. American Conference, created it. If you have any concerns you can reach him at Yarrow Ecovillage.

Best wishes & hope to see you at Findhorn in Oct.!


Kakwa Ecovillage

Great that you find this useful, Daniel. Wikis have been called a "collaborative authoring tool." They seem to fit very well with the ecovillage approach to doing things, which is usually consensus based.
I look forward to futher interactions between us. Michael, Yarrow EcoVillage 21:33, 4 Jul 2005 (UTC)