Ecovillage Wiki

Purpose of Planning Meeting So here is a more concrete purpose for the planning meeting.

Note: The planning meeting is focused on thinking and then doing. We set out to achieve out comes and not just talk about problems.

1) Review, clarify, and ratify our philosophy, core purpose, shared vision, and ideantity/personality as an organization. Develop our understanding of who we are and what we are doing.

2) Form a core group to carry Next GEN through up coming stages of development

3) Define the purpose of the Conference in 2007. Describe our vision of the conference, the experience we envision for the participants, activities and outcomes.

4) Create a core group to organize and plan the conference.

5) Conduct the planning meeting in a way that mirrors our philosophy, core purpose, vision and identity/personality.*

• We want all of our actions as an organization to reflect our personality, philosophy... An example of this is taking action at our gatherings or consciously supporting each other in achieving our dreams.