Ecovillage Wiki

Networking • Create/ keep updated face book equivalent • Registry or inventory of global youth organizations focused on environment and sustainability for website • Newsletter or e-newsletter for outreach purposes on relevant issues, highlighting role and participation of youth • Highlight youth led innovations

Increasing participation • A forum for youth on how they can connect with communities. • System for Youth exchanges between communities • System for Work exchange programmes • Discussion of how to support children growing up in eco-villages

Training • Clearinghouse/listing for secondary and post secondary training opportunities (permaculture, eco-village practices, appropriate technology, eco-economy, organizational skills, policy making, leadership, etc.) • GEN and/or Next GEN sponsored training by region (Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa)

Intergenerational Dialog • Create a Mentor System • Internships for youth at regional eco-villages in various policy and management positions • Youth representation at relevant global meetings • Youth representation in country or regional environmental or eco-village organizations