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Some questions to consider in further developments of the EDE programme:

How do we integrate small local initiatives and talent into the EDE curriculum and network? (small local initiatives and talent which we might not know about to start off with)

How do we avoid the risk of centralizing and monopolising sustainability education when we know that

- using local resources is a central principle of sustainability

- true innovation is most often generated by small, independent and often 'off the radar' individuals and groups of people

- offering 'everything' (such a 'complete' curriculum) as one organization can have the seme effect as centralizing (removing 'competitors'), despite the decentralized appearances: where is the EDE network a real working partnership across language and cultural boundaries, and where is it the same kind of colonialisation produced by the franchise idea? (eg. MacDonalds, same recepy from one culture being translated in others, across the globe, with some 'local flavour added' but the basic thinking patterns and lethal effects on local business multiplying with each 'node')