Ecovillage Wiki

The OzoneFarm eCommunity is an electronic community comprised of individuals and groups of Internet users, particularly those involved in the formation and propogation of things like ecovillages and other sustainability projects. It is yet another effort to provide a way for avid Internet users to form meaningful associations between and among themselves. The project also resides at SourceForge for developing open source code for facillitating and maintaining such communities.

One of the major facilities through which the prototypical OzoneFarm eCommunity maintains communications and continuity is through its many IRC channels. The plenary channel is #ozonefarm on freenodeIRC. The project has sporadic activity, so if you choose to examine it further, please be patient.


The Ideals of OzoneFarm are simple: Be Yourself:

  • Find affinity (closeness)
  • Spread truth (word)
  • Live simply (oil)
  • Learn (know)
  • Share (all)
  • Help (well)
  • Be (me)


Power is everything. Community power stations are driven by natural occurances like the Sun making its daily pass, the trees and plants growing, living, dying and decaying. Living creatures going about their daily business of finding food, shelter and another to mate with. Then they die and decay, giving of themselves to those who remain and moving on to the next level. That is the cycle of life. There simply is no escaping it.

Heat is stored within living bodies. We Humans are capable of maintaining 98.6 degrees Farenheit nearly invariably. How?

Water exists as a liquid at normal atmospheric pressure, as long as the temperature remains between 0 and 100 degrees Celsius. Why?

Someone is trying to attach meters to our dwellings for "selling" us what we can easilly get for free from the natural environment. Who?

Someday, a Criticle Mass of people will get the picture and begin to take Life and Love seriously and stop all this insanity. When?

A place exists where we can all meet to talk these things through; civily, rationally, freely, and completely. Where?

We can at least do something while were waiting for "Them" to figure it out or for The Lord to return. What?

The Vision of OzoneFarm is to establish links betwenn real people, real places and real ideas. Reality can be subjective or objective and can see itself from the inside out; be seen from the outside in; shift to and from the left and the right and vice versa; go up and down; or do all of these things simultaneously.

A viable village core will consist of a unit that is capable of providing power to the people, plants, animals, and other creatures who reside there, while denying it from the hostile forces that surround it.