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Meeting Notes From Online Conference 3/16/2006[]

Present: Sally, Elliott, Justin, Jenny, Rabea, Wes. Apologies: Juan, Aaron, Andrew, Linden.


1. Elliot & Sally explained the reasons for the online conference:

 - to be debriefed on the progress of the different workgroups and
   ask for any help we may need.
 - to discuss plans for the international NextGEN Conference.
 - to keep motivation alive in general.

2. Elliott checked that everyone had the relevant documents:

 - Elliot's conference structure
 - Elliot's organisational structure documents
 - Wes' NextGEN application form
 - Justin's Goals and Aims document


 - He and Aaron have written a preliminary list of goals and aims  
   which they have put on this wiki site
 - His next step is to put something together on the philosophy of   
 - When he has finished his first draft he will post it on the   
   forum in order to get feedback before we make it official.
 - When giving feedback, he asked that we don't edit the originals, 
   but post our suggestions on the forum for discussion.  Then it  
   will be added to the original.
 - He stressed the importance of being clear about what our values, 
   mission and philosophical base are as we proceed, so that we can 
   refer back to them.
 - Elliott passed on Jonathan Dawson's (from GEN) feedback on his 
   Mission Statement draft, saying that it was progressing well, 
   and that it needs to be more concrete and substantial, and that 
   he is willing to offer advice if Justin would like that.
 - It was agreed that people brainstorm, and leave their ideas on 
   the space set aside on the wiki website for feedback.  They 
   should put their names first, so we know who has said what.
 - Sally and Elliott stressed that we should have focussed, 
   achievable and concrete content in the mission statement.
 - ACTION: Justin will get into contact with Jonathan directly by 
   email for advice, and Sally and Elliott will act as 
   intermediaries in the the future whenever help is required.


 - Elliott has put together a structure for NextGEN when it is 
   properly established and in need of the formal structure, with 
   council members, voting and checks, but at the moment recommends  
   that we use the simple structure of all active members of the 
   group making decisions by vote.  Otherwise we would have too 
   much red tape too early on.
 - Everyone voted in agreement with Elliott, and Justin suggested 
   that we look to the international conference in July to set the 
   formal structure in place.
 - We established that the active members of the group are: 
   Elliott, Sally, Justin, Jenny, Rabea, Wes, Juan, Aaron, Andrew 
   and Linden.
 - Justin has been working with a few people who he might want to  
   add to the active members list.  He will let us know.
 - Workgroups still fully functioning are Goals and Aims, The 
   Hitchhiker's Guide to Ecovillages, and International 
   Opportunities.  Jenny is interested in taking over Outreach.
   Rabea will contact Jonna to see if she is still up for being   
   Sally & Elliott will contact Melissa to see if she still wants 
   to do finance and fundraising.  
   All other workgroup members will be sent an email asking if they 
   want to carry on, and if they don't reply within 10 days, their 
   workgroups will be assigned to active members. They can always 
   rejoin whenever they want.
   Justin will send Sally an email list of all active members with 
   a description of what they are doing.
 - Justin will also create a list serve.


 - The plan is to hold the event on July 24th-28th 2006, with an 
   approximate headcount of 30.  They are still sourcing people at 
   the moment.  People are having issues raising funds for the trip 
   from Europe to Mexico.  They are working on the itinerary of the 
   even at the moment.  They propose we do a brainstorm on this 
 - They reiterated the belief that this conference is essential 
   because we are not functioning as an organisation yet, and it 
   will springboard us in that direction.  It is important for as 
   many active members as possible to be there.
 - Elliott, Sally and Rabea brought up their need for the 
   conference to be clearly defined before they start fundraising.  
   Otherwise they would feel uncomfortable justifying an 
   unecological plane trip at such an early stage of NextGEN.
 - Justin stressed that invaluable progress can be made face to 
   face and we will all have time to focus together for an extended 
   period of time.
 - Jonathan Dawson has told Elliott that GEN does not have funds, 
   so we need to fundraise all the money ourselves.
 - He will get back to us with which GEN Elder will attend with us 
   when we are more clear about what we would achieve with the 
 - Elliott and Sally offered ideas such as guest speakers and a 
   work project we could do locally, but it was decided that more 
   brainstorming should be done on the wiki conference planner 
   brainstorm site.
 - ACTION: All members should post conference ideas on the site by 
   Monday.  Justin and Jenny will then get to work with the ideas.


 - Rabea asked all travelling members to tell her which ecovillages 
   they have made contact with, and how deep.
 - ACTION: Jenny will email her all the information she has so far.


 - Justin asked if anyone knew who checked the website email 
   address  It was thought that Jonna checks it.  
   Justin has replaced it with his own email until we find out what 
   is happening with it.
 - ACTION: Rabea will tell Justin what Jonna is doing regarding the  
 - We will leave messages on the wiki site to update everyone on 
   our progress, and will arrange for the next meeting (in about a 
   month's time) on the Next Meeting slot of the site.
 - Elliott has up-graded the chat site used for the on-line conference so we can now leave messages for each other on there. htpp://