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Our Next Meeting is planned for late July in Mexico. For more information go to the conference planners page.

We are also planning to have an international conference in Portugal in 2007 this is our big opportunity to "go public." We hope to be really up and running by that point.

Registration Status

On line Meetings[]

The next online meeting is currently being planned. It will take place some time in between Wednesday the 17th and the 22nd.

Forum, Participation from afar[]

For all those interested in the planning meeting in Mexico from the 24th to the 28th of July who could not attend we have set up a forum which we hope to be able to update daily. This may not be possible given that there is no internet on site but we will do out best. The address is You should click register and please use your real name as you user name (example: justinwright). You will be let in as a participant from afar and will be able to read everything and comment on the progress of the conference.