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This is a place where important info current info is posted. Please if you add a post put the date and make it its own heading by adding == on either side of the heading like so ==x==

Wiki Revamp[]

4/21/2006 or 21/4/2006 depending on where in the world you are.

The wiki has been slightly reorganized so check it out and if you have posted any information make sure you can still find it and that it is unharmed. If something has gone wrong contact As part of this working groups were split into task groups, those that are related to the operation on Next GEN and working groups, autonomous projects.

General Assembly[]

4/21/2006 or 21/4/2006

There is a General Assembly for GEN Europe in july of this year 9th - 16th. They have invited two representatives from Next GEN. If this interests you please let Justin Wright know at Also check out the website on the GA

Two Reps to GA[]

7/9/2006 Wesley Nutter and Jenny Pinder went to the General Assembly of GEN-Europe. They will be reporting what they learned and shared at the NextGEN planning meeting in Mexico starting on the 24th of July (2006)

Forum, Participation from afar[]

7/21/2006 For all those interested in the planning meeting in Mexico from the 24th to the 28th of July who could not attend we have set up a forum which we hope to be able to update daily. This may not be possible given that there is no internet on site but we will do out best.

Planning Meeting[]

24th –28th if July 2006 Up coming, 30 youth and elders will gather at Las Cañadas ecovillage in Veracruz Mexico for a five day planning meeting to carry NextGEN to its next steps of development.

Working Group and Task Group Updates[]