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Some members of this project are also members of WikiProject Ecology at Wikipedia. They help to create, edit and maintain a set of articles including a portal and a main article about Ecology. They do this work on a volunteer basis under the GNU Free Documentation License. Smallwikipedialogo.png

Ecovillage Wiki

This wiki is for and about ecovillages and sustainable living.


This wikis purpose is to:

  1. Provide a place on the Internet for ecovillages to post documents, pictures and other resources.
  2. Enable people in different locations to collaborate on projects.
  3. Create an interactive forum for sharing information about ecovillages.

What's happening?

This is a web-based forum for working together and discussing ecovillage matters. The social form that wikis and ecovillages share is consensus.

At the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) North American Conference in the fall of 2004, people from several ecovillages talked about collaborating in various ways. Since then, others in GEN have joined this collaboration:


Ecovillage resources

See the List of ecovillages and make sure you are listed. If it's listed but has a red link, turn it to a blue link by creating a page!

Thinking aloud

A Consensus model is essentially a framework for consensus decision-making that is antithetical to majority rule. The trend in most consensus models involves egalitarianism versus authoritarianism providing a voice to even the so-called "little guy" who is spurned and shunned in typical authoritarian models within the corporate mainstream. ...more

Sustainable living: Ever walked into a store wanting to buy the least harmful goods and been bewildered by the trade offs? Should one buy local… naturally grown… organic… fair trade… union made..? Apparently each of these has a claim to sustainability. An item that was all of the above would be rare (in fact, in some cases impossible). So if we value sustainability, is there some guide to which of the above strategies is best, and when? ...more

What's New?

Michael is back from a roadtrip. Charley's been posting some about Turkey Herding Deer. Daniel has been steadily working on expanding Gaia Education. Oh yeah, Sannse and other Wikia staff are still keeping an eye on the place. Thanks for that!

We have some nice dynamic features in the Ecovillage Wiki. Now, we need to work on building a dynamic community of folks using the site. I can be reached at my Wikiversity talk page. -- CQ 09:26, 27 April 2007 (UTC)

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