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A different economic approach to American prosperity 21 September 2011

The average US citizen needs better security economically. Many have lost their jobs.

Good jobs and meaningful employment are hard to come by. Millions are looking.

The Middle Class in America was mostly created by a strong manufacturing program.

We have shipped most of the good manufacturing jobs overseas

We have replaced them with low paying service industry jobs. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

By careful thought we can solve some of these problems.

In order to be prosperous, a community must have positive cash flow coming in.

Manufacturing or producing products required locally are one answer. ( produce locally, sell locally)

We should be able to make things better, custom to local needs and support each other in the product needs we have. If it’s made locally, there are little shipping costs and quick reaction time to local requirements. If manufacturing has low overhead and employees share with the profits, everyone can make money and we will have local capability to make things in America again that we have lost to Asia.

Here are a few things we can make.

Building affordable disaster resistant, multigenerational homes in sustainable ecological communities would be our primary project and means of funding the village.

The components or building products can be made locally, such as precast concrete panels, doors and windows, electrical fixtures, building blocks, cabinets, moldings, super efficient appliances that last, life time water heaters, solar collectors, wind generators, hybrid geothermal heat pumps, parts for converting cars into plug in hybrid electric vehicles.

Production of renewable energy

Quality food production within walking distance of the village, CSA, organic farm, aquaculture, nursery for production of eatable landscaping, botany research facility for sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. Free range Chickens and livestock in a human manner.

Art Colony. Place for artists to be creative with low overhead and produce valuable works of art.

Multi media recording studio and stage productions, pod casting, radio, TV and movie documentaries.

Producing the collectors for multiple solar and wind farms for producing renewable energy. We Produce the collectors and wind generators on site and within the net work of ecovillages. We also have a V2G or vehicle to grid connection with our plug in electric hybrid cars that can provide power to the village facilities, heat and cooling energy and chemicals from power sources for fertilizations and energy storage.

Preventive dentistry and preventive medicine on site facilities: Eating and living right for your genotype, (DNA considerations) exercise and stress reduction.

We will have advanced educational facilities and programs for all ages from birth to senior adults. We would offer educational programs on how to plan and build similar ecovillages elsewhere and networking between them.