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As you may be aware, a new youth component of GEN was formed at the October, 2005 gathering of GEN 10 at Findhorn, Scotland. One of our first goals is to organize an international conference for youth wishing to lead communities to live more sustainably for the summer of 2007. To that end, a committee of youth activists is convening a planning meeting for “Next GEN” (the GEN Youth Council’s name) from July 24-28, 2006 in Huatusco, Mexico. At this planning meeting, we will work to plan the 2007 conference in Portugal, as well as to develop our organizational structure. We are writing to invite you and your colleagues to select one elder and one or two young adults from your region or sub-region to attend the meeting. Although we are seeking funds to keep the costs of the meeting itself to a minimum, we expect that the region or the individual eco-villages will underwrite the costs of the individual representatives’ travel and cost of participation. Based on our current estimates, the five-day conference will cost around $250 (US) including room and board -- travel costs not included. The 2006 planning conference will be held at the Mexican eco-village Las Cañadas in the state of Veracruz. To learn more about the conference location, visit their website at: We will send additional information for you to provide to those you select to represent your region. Attached is a registration form which should be completed and ideally returned by March 1st. Thank you in advance for your support of the Next GEN. Sincerely,

For the Next GEN Mexico planning committee

Preliminary Registration for Next GEN planning meeting July 24-28, 2006 First Name: _______________________ Last Name: _______________________ Street address City State Country Post code e-mail address:_____________________ telephone number: _________________ Gender: male ____ female ___ Age:______ List languages you are comfortable speaking: Did you attend the GEN Conference in October 2005 at Findhorn? No___ Yes ___ Are you affiliated with an eco-village? No Yes Name of eco-village _______________________________ Location of eco-village:_____________________________ Country: _________________________________________

Are you affiliated with another organization? No____ Yes____ Name of organization: __________________________ Location:_____________________________________ Country:______________________________________ Will you be attending as an elder ____ or as youth leader _____ Will your eco-village/organization sponsor you for the costs of travel to the meeting? Yes___ No___ Do you have any other sources of support for your participation?

Please describe briefly your reasons for wanting to participate in the Next GEN planning meeting?

What skills or experiences could you bring to the planning meeting?

Please return completed form by March1st 2006 to the above email address. Otherwise forward via post to Next GEN, C/O J.Wright, 1019 Ashley Rd, West Chester PA 19382 USA