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International Opportunities[]

Name: Rabea Strohmayer (Germany) (


· Find out possibilities in ecovillages that are already offered for young people

· If necessary: give them the idea of making their communities easier accessible for young people who are not community members and maybe ask them to create some offers

· Create a platform with young people living in or visiting ecovillages to share their experiences and needs

Offers could be:

- Working possibilities / Work Exchange

- Volunteering

- Educational Programs

- Workshops, Trainings, Courses etc.

- Favourable Accommodation

- Youth Exchange

- etc...

This includes information about dates of workshops etc., so there has to be a regular update

How you can help me

Please feel free to contact me whether you are

· a (young) person living in community and willing to help us setting up an as extensive overview as possible what beautiful and interesting places there are out in this world that are worthwhile to visit


· a young person who visited one or more ecovillages and like to share your experiences with us

Of course anyone else who would like to enrich us with his/her information is very welcome to do that!

Here is some more detailed information about how you can help us!

An idea of how the page for you could look like...