Ecovillage Wiki

Here is the basic intention of the planning meeting as we envision it now. Please give us your feed back. Also shortly after a tentative day by day schedule should be available for those interested. If you have recommendations for speakers please let us know at

1) The direct face to face contact with prominent and inspired international youth will greatly advance the process of finalizing Next GEN’s organizational structure, refine networking and begin outreach. All of this in an intensive five day period when we can all devote 100% of our time and energy to the matter at hand, as opposed to having all of the other complications of life distracting us. We will consider the questions of; membership; the webpage; organizational structure; networking opportunities, create a council/constitution (?),next steps (conference 2007 in Portugal), action identified and advertising.

2) It will enable us to review our vision, mission and objectives. Thus giving us clear and agreed upon direction and a base from which to make important decisions.

3) With the diversity and knowledge we hope to create understanding and awareness of individual regions and existing projects. We hope to have presentations of open discussion on the problems facing youth in the ecovillage movement so we can focus our energies on these areas. We acknowledge the need for different approaches to supporting youth from different demographics. (youth not involved with the GEN movement, those growing up or currently involved in ecovillages and those who have grown up in traditional communities)

4) Get our hands dirty and really do work. In this case we will be planting trees. (lots of good symbolism there not to mention that it will off set some of the negative effect of our travel.)

5) To generate enthusiasm and initiative

6) Create learning environment for those involved, beginning to prepare us with the skills we are going to need to accomplish our goals. (Intro to sustainable design?)

7) Have a great time and dream