As we are a network only in its beginning phases we seek contact with people and organizations to network. We suspect that you know of interesting organizations worth getting in touch with. Also we want to know of young people who might be interested in what we are doing or of anyone who could be a resource. Please either email these to Aaron Cross () or post them here. Please give us some context.

Cool Projects/OrganizationsEdit

Example: Sostenica, Micro Loan Fund, Based in Leon Nicaragua, (for more info contact Alan Wright

Basically (Name, what does the organization do, where is it based, website, contact) please give us as much of this info as you have.

New Cool Projects/OrganizationsEdit

Cool Cats (people)Edit


Name - Tinker Bell

From - Neverneverland

Connection - Helps people to fly

Who refered them - Peter Pan (this is important so when we contact them we can say from whom we got their email address)

New CatEdit

Name -

From -

Connection -

Who refered them -