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The Findhorn Community is based on a spiritual philosophy that seeks to integrate personal and spiritual growth, environmental concerns, work, family, education, and global responsibility.

Location: Findhorn, Scotland

Role of Youth:

How to encourage youth to come to Findhorn is the big topic at the moment. In the last 3 or 4 years, youth who grew up here have been starting to come back, and lots of youth between 25 and 30 are arriving. There really seems to be a new and vibrant energy in the air, with lots of new initiatives and it is likely that youth will play more and more of a central role in the years to come.

Age Demographics of Residents: 4% between 18-30 years old

Programs/Activities For/Open to Youth:

  • An internal workshop for 16-25 year olds is set to begin in February, 2006. It will be a weekend session and will start to train some young people from the community on the subjects of focalising groups, conflict resolution, and non-violent communication, amongst other things. Qualified members of the community volunteer their time for free, so the participants only need to pay for food and board.

For youth who are within the community, bursaries and payment schemes for programmes are very common and depend on individual circumstances and attitudes.

For More Information on Findhorn visit their website