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The Living and Learning Pedagogy[]

How to open the doors when you have the Keys

Draft Outline

Editors: May East/Daniel Greenberg


  1. Living and Learning Pedagogy as it has emerged. An immersion experience promotes the learning curve and finding your own path in live gives meaning (Daniel Greenberg or Mary Westfall?)
  2. A short history of pedagogy. It included the pedagogy of the 8 senses, learning by doing, the pedagogy of the Earth, the pedagogy of the oppressed, liberating pedagogy, Steiner pedagogy, Montessori, Ivan Illich, Paolo Friere, Tagore, Aurobindo, Grundtvig, Historical overview and def (Chris Mare?)
  3. E-ducation = to pull out what is inside. Finding Spiritual Guidance (Will Keepin?)


  1. Experiences at Findhorn for 15 years (May East)
  2. Experiences at Crystal Waters for 15 years (Max Lindegger)
  3. Living Routes (Daniel Greenberg)
  4. Teaching Permaculture for years (Declan Kennedy)
  5. No new education, just learning by researching a new project. Students can live for almost free, get help from the whole community and research their idea (Steen Moeller, Finland, DK)
  6. The Caravana (Liora Adler)
  7. The Tvind Schools, DK
  8. Action Learning (Andy Langford)
  9. Folkecenter Trainees for 10 years from Eastern Europe and the Global South in learning to design and build renewable energy. Building new Folkecenters in Mali and Siberia (Preben Maegaard)
  10. An ecovillage course in Senegal (Elise Guldagger and Dembe Mansare)
  11. Ecovillage course in Sao Paulo (May East)
  12. Schools in Auroville (Marti Mueller)
  13. The Damanhurian experiences. University and school for small children
  14. Monte Cerro, Tamera: researching and building a new culture
  15. Earth University, Costa Rica. Learning to start a business in a tropical environment.
  16. Accreditation, Cooperation with Universities


  1. Finding divinity within? Distinguishing if ideas come from a mental, intellectual or spiritual level? (Ingvar, Lilleoru, Estonia)
  2. Meditation with many nations. Sri Lanka, Sarvodaya
  3. Vision Quest (Hanne Strong)
  4. Training and Learning the Ecovillage Culture (May East)
  5. Pilgrimage as Spiritual Pedagogy (Sabina Lichtenfels)
  6. The Forum (Ina)
  7. The Game of Life, Damanhur
  8. Futures Workshop
  9. Open Space Technology
  10. Nature Walks (Max Lindegger)
  11. Workcamps in Sarvodaya (Agni Komoch)
  12. Examples of practical projects of design and implementation, mulching, planting
  13. Building a strawbale house in temperate climate
  14. Building renewable energy in Mali (Ibrahim)
  15. Building and Educational Center in Bolivia (Enriques Hidalgo)
  16. Education and Art Center in Lilleoru, Estonia
  17. Cooking and Cleaning as part of the daily schedule
  18. Reading, writing, videotape, computer design and ???
  19. A typical day of the ecovillage training (Saskia)
  20. Watching and respecting cultural differences (Max Lindegger)
  21. Taking American students to EcoYoff and matching them with Africans (Marian Zeitlin, Jonathan Dawson)
  22. Service Learning
  23. Home stays / Community stays
  24. Authentic assessment/evaluation
  25. Building and maintaining "learning communities"
  26. The experiential education cycle - prep/reflection
  27. Education as therapy - where are the lines?
  28. Gurukula model of education
  29. Architecture as pedagogy
  30. Education as midwifery
  31. Research and Development in ecovillages
  32. Carbon Offsetting
  33. Health and Safety (e.g. Health Monitors)
  34. Online support
  35. Journaling/blogging
  36. Council work
  37. Teacher as learner (transparency, balancing needs, etc.)
  38. Supporting worldview development
  39. Creating effective orientations

IV. SONGS, DANCES, GAMES (May East, Jonathan)[]