The Ecovillage Wiki consists of parts:

Main Page Edit

The Main Page is a dynamic portal that serves as our front door. It is built from these templates:



The Main Page is administered by a core group of registered users from its talk page.

Ecovillage WikiProject Edit

Projects are manged from the Ecovillage Wiki:Community Portal.

The Ecovillage WikiProject is the main project. It has two primary functions:

  1. To plan and manage the New for [current month] section of the Main Page via Project/2007 and the Ecovillage Newsroom.
  2. To update and handle the Community Portal and its This Week section.

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Planning Edit

See also: EcovillageList | EcovillageTopics

Current Events Edit

Current events and news are managed dynamically from the Ecovillage Newsroom

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