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The Ecovillage Newsroom will grow into a journalistic agency that collects and reports all sorts of information about ecovillage life across the planet.

It will take a while to get up and running, but could provide a value-added resource for ecovillagers and prospective contributers to the Ecovillage Wiki and Wikipedia.

Publications Edit

We have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that will get compiled into an Annual Report focused mainly (for now) on the Ecovillage Wiki and the WikiProject Ecovillage here and at Wikipedia.

Daily Edit

Ecovillage daily: A bit slow right now.

Weekly Edit

The Ecovillage Weekly appears as a dynamic section on the Community Portal. Weeks are numbered 1 through 53. (52 in leap years)

Monthly Edit

The Ecovillage Monthly appears as a dynamic section, currently New for March on the Main Page.

Quarterly Edit

The Ecovillage Quarterly 2006-Q3 is under construction...

Annual Edit

Ecovillage Wiki Annual Report - 2006 is under construction...

Signup Log - 2006 Edit

Ecovillage Newsroom/Member/2006

Week 38 Edit

2006 - Week 38:

  1. Wednesday 3806Talk
  2. Thursday 3806Talk
  3. Friday 3806Talk
  4. Saturday 3806Talk

Week 39 Edit

2006 - Week 39:

  1. Sunday 3906Talk
  2. Monday 3906Talk
  3. Tuesday 3906Talk
  4. Wednesday 3906Talk
  5. Thursday 3906Talk
  6. Friday 3906Talk
  7. Saturday 3906Talk

Week 39 Edit