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John Dahlen Ecovillage Development Network 1 September 2011

Accepting applications for building partners/ workers and or investors for a series of five each 100 acre Green Technology Eco-Village projects along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida around Mobile Bay.

Each EcoVillage should have 100 to 150 large town homes with supporting small town infrastructure. Also and energy farm, CSA organic farm and decentralized manufacturing of many items relating to solar collecting, wind energy generators, converting cars to plug in hybrid electric and building products.

Qualifications: Investors, $5000 to $50,000; 100% return within 5 years or less based on real estate.

Builders; Habitat for Humanity building experience useful. Multi skilled hands on builders.

Skilled Workers and craftsman; Carpentry, finish carpentry, masonry, drywall finishing, living roof experience, hard wood and ceramic tile. Organic farming agriculture and green house experience. Horse breeding and training.

Teachers especially in Math and Science for home schooling.

Medical for preventive medicine program.

Land owners of timber land 100 acres or if you have inherited a family farm and currently live in the city or out of state. Land desired within 30 miles of Mobile Alabama. Partnership or finance at $5000 an acre.

Automotive experience for car repair, recycling and car conversions to plug in electric.

Multimedia Recording Studio manager and production.

Fiberglass fabricating, mold making and production of small boats, kayaks, car bodies, tubs and showers.

Projects planning to build 2012. Contact for interests or to contribute ideas/ networking. Thanks