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Village Complex, how it could look

Here are a few business projects planned and the skilled people we will need in a typical self sufficient ecovillage.

These villages are initially planned for Mobile Bay Alabama but the plan could be used for eco-village complexes outside many cities around the USA and other countries.

Eco Village Development Network; Eco Village Building Group

John Dahlen 251-452-4270

21 Sept 2011

Manufacturing Plan for America: these are all things we could or plan to do when we can within the village network. Various skills and backgrounds needed.

Green technology manufacturing Village EcoVillage

Manufacturing disaster Proof Homes (resistant)

Affordable homes, very efficient, net zero carbon (strive for)

Homes are built by village building team to keep overhead as low as possible

Built in small village design, smart growth, walk-able mixed use community

Land preserved for food production, recreation, small town business, education use.

CSA Community Supported Agriculture, Eatable Landscaping Nursery and Green Houses Community Gardens, Aquaculture Operations, Micro-Algae oil operations

Renewable Energy Farm, Geothermal, Wind Turbines, Concentrated Solar Energy, Salt Solar Ponds, In Ground ( earth) Storage of cold and heat, solar heat of water and Air.

Fiberglass, tubs, showers, waterless compost toilets, car bodies, small boats, cisterns, underground shelters

Automobile, Repair, recycling, conversion to PHEV, making town cars and off road vehicles

Commercial Sewing

Multimedia, pod casting, radio programs, TV documentaries, Music recording studio

Metal Machine Shop, Welding shop

Wood cabinet Shop and fine furniture construction

Research and development Lab and machine shop

Computer lab and business office complex

Biology Laboratory, DNA Laboratory, Medical Testing of Alternative Medicine

Preventive Medicine Medical facility

Preventive dentistry office and dental laboratory

Jewelry design specializing in gold and silver

Advanced Education facilities for preschool, K-12, College and adult education