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Tell us what living in your community as a young person is about!

How do you experience life (in your community)?

How do you feel about “foreign” people of your age coming to visit your community for a limited time?

What is characteristic for your community, what do you like best? What do you like to share with us?

Do you have pictures, showing you, your community, young people “in action”?

Is your community open for young people from outside?

Is there any free space for young people from outside to live for little money (or work exchange)?

Are there community members who could and would like to offer accommodation especially for young people?

Is there anyone in your community who is responsible for youth concerns? Contact?

Most of these questions which are very important for us help us to build up a website which shall be accessible for all young people who are really interested in community life in ecovillages. The first questions welcome you to write a short text/story about you/youth/your community.

We are happy to hear from you!

For all those who don’t live in a community but have been to one or more: please look at the questions above, most of them will also fit for you. Just write from your own point of view. We’d love to know how you experienced the community, what possibilities there were for you as a young person, what you can recommend/what not. And we’re also happy to hear your story. Be creative, write a short report or a long article/story/travel diary.

And for all the wise Elders: We’re also glad to hear from you, to receive advices, corrections or invitations to your community...

Thank you

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