Ecovillage Wiki

Name: Goals and Aims

Focalizer(s): Justin Wright ( & Aaron Cross (

Purpose: Our purpose is to make explicit and concise the goals and aims of NextGEN.

Relevance: (set up) To strengthen the network by uniting NextGEN around a set of common goals and aims.

How can you help? Give us your thoughts on our Vision, Mission, Objectives and Philosophy under comments. This is a creative group process where we need the ideas and input of others to play our role well. Once we finalize these help us translate them into other languages. (If you can translate into a language, other than English, please get in contact with Justin Wright, email above.)

What we have done: Written a preliminary vision/missions statement as well as objectives.

Current Projects: Working on a piece concerning the philosophy of NextGEN. Please check it out it is still in its roughest stages and we would love your input. Please include the date and your name with your comments.