Ecovillage Wiki

The Course Certification Working Group reviews Certification Applications and submits recommendations to the Gaia Education Board for final decisions. Applications are typically reviewed within one month of being received and decisions are made by consensus (members step aside from decisions on courses they have a personal relationship with). The Certification Working Group also reviews Course Evaluations and Program Reports after each course in order to further refine the curriculum and maintain quality standards.

The Course Certification Working Group currently includes seven members representing four broad regions: The Americas (2), Europe (2), Africa (1), and Asia/Oceania (2).

It is our intention to expand this team and eventually create rotating, regional teams. Initial commitments are for two years. If you are interested in joining the Course Certification Working Group, please send a resumé/CV and cover letter to outlining your academic, professional, and life experience as it relates to:

  • organizing and/or teaching courses in one or more of the four domains;
  • living in and/or helping develop particular ecovillages;
  • and evaluating/certifying courses and/or student experiences.