If you have any questions about Gaia Education or Ecovillage Design training, you can contact Daniel Greenberg on his talk page at: User talk: DanielGreenberg.

Hello! I lead Minciu Sodas, an online laboratory for independent thinkers around the world, including Franz Nahrada, who leads our wiki and working group for Global Villages. We're interested to work together with you. I'm very impressed by your curriculum. We'd very much like to work out a pattern language approach based on that. You're very welcome to make use of our wiki and we could work together there. Please note that the wiki that you are currently using is under the GNU Free Documentation License which I recommend you read because you will see that it is very problematic. That eight page license must be included in all materials that you may take from this wiki! Instead, I urge you to place your works in the Public Domain except as they might note otherwise, as we do at our wiki. Best wishes in your important work and I hope to be in touch! --AndriusKulikauskas

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