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Name: Conference Planners

Focalizer(s): Justin Wright ( and Jenny Pinder (

Purpose: To plan annual conferences for face to face networking, further organizing, and educational programs.

Relevance: Create an environment in which to train pluralist youth leaders and strengthen the network in discussing how to realize Next GEN’s vision.

How can you help? First and for most contact us if you would like to help plan. Suggest good meeting locations, educational programs, and speakers. If you have good fundraising ideas or would like to give us money contact Justin Wright or Melissa Godbeer (fundraising if she is still doing that I have not heard from her recently). Also feel free to brainstorm about the proposed planning meeting and conference.

What we have done: Found locations for conferences in 06 and 07 and gotten price quotes for accommodations. We have begun planning for 06. Dates July 24 – 28. We have written a grant proposal for 5,000 dollars and received the grant to cover the price of the conference.

Current Projects: Plan conference for 06 Set budget (we have decided to devote $ 1000 to scholarships for each region. The rest of the money will cover other expenses which we are in the process of determining. Any left over will be held for use at a later time) Get commitment from participants (Still working on this) Set up scholarship program (Our preference is to cover the $250 attendence fee with the scholarship money as apposed to travel, except for in special cases) Set conference agenda (Rough draft soon to be posted) Contract Facilitator (Justin is in contact with a couple and still has not figured out who we will be working with.

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