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Communitas! is a word meaning the "spirit of community". The word is used as both the title of a Community Development Journal under development at the new Wikiversity and as a "meme" for a community building program and applied community studies across the Internet.


Communitas! is an effort to build up the context of community and freely-available content that is valuable to community builders and practitioners everywhere. The program started at Wikipedia in September of 2004 and has been growing ever since.

It is a ubiquitous effort to build viable references about Community in general, Community Studies, Community development practice, Community organizing and all things Community:

  • Communitas • The meaning of the word at Wikipedia
  • Communitas! • The project's "embedded home" at Wikipedia
  • Communitas • The Project space for the "Meta-Community" at
  • Communitas! • The draft copy of the current issue of the journal (ground floor)
  • Communitas! • The home page of the journal's current and past issues.
  • Communitas! • A "scratchpad" area for playing around, brainstorming and article development
  • • A community development organization that happens to like the name

Ecovillage Context[]

All who know about the ecovillage way are familiar with the principle of communitas. It takes a special breed of folks to organize, build and live in ecologically-sustainable communities. The Sense of community must be strong and resilient. The means for Consensus decision-making and Conflict resolution must be in place. The dynamics of social roles and responsibilities must be well-understood. Structures must exist that facilitate a high degree of adhesion and cohesion.

For these reasons, Communitas!, as both a community-building program and an academic journal seeks input and participation from social networks such as the Global Ecovillage Network, the Gaia Foundation and the Ecovillage Wiki.

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