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1) Neighborhood Organization Presentation (2008)

2) Business Communicaitons Model (2009-2010)

3) Global Environmental Policy Project (2011)

4) Innovation Processes Project (2012)

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From: Economic Dimension Working Group, Ecovillage Design Education/ Ecovillage Design Education Southwest

Click to see a pdf version of the ROUGH February 2008 Sustainable Community Design / Media Synergy powerpoint presentation: [1]

Vision: Edit

Sustainable Community Design / Media SynergySlide.001-001

We Are Designers Who:


co-creative systems which support the rapid transition of whole communities to sustainability;


in the development of innovative, efficient, bio-mimicry based local/global community centers and networks which embody and seed the practices of ecological societies;

Synergize design and media collaboratives which channel community and global knowledge, wisdom, and resources for learning and action;


through communications training, facilitation, documentation, production, distribution, infrastructure, services and liaisons with networks and partners around the world.



Design Team Anticipated Results:

Initial framework & measures:

Local/global sustainable community media system conceptual development.

  • Short term deliverables in the form of production and analysis of content from the 2007-2008 Albuquerque EDE seminars.
  • Phased development of products and services to provide scalable, full-spectrum media collaboratives, with associated networks and services.

Organizational Development:

Our plan is to create several holding companies dedicated to providing long term stability to a network of subsidiaries, as well as necessary strategic partnerships, collaboratives and consortia, and accountable to a diverse base of sustainable community stake-holders.

Principal subsidiaries are devoted to:

Training and Consultation
Production and Distribution
Infrastructure Development

Sustainable Design Tools OnlineEdit

Sustainable Media Tools OnlineEdit

Integrated Sustainable Design/Media Tools Online and in Community Edit

Cognate and Partner ResourcesEdit

Open discussion list for communities and practitioners exploring the Gaia Ecovillage Curriculum and the applicability of the Sustainable Community Design / Media approach:

[[2]] Open Living and Learning for Sustainability

[[3]] Video introduction to Ecovillage Design / Media Training (pending)

This is a growing list of resources, models and partners. Please feel free to add and elaborate as we move forward.

[[4]] Ecovillage Wiki

[[5]] Research for Development

[[6]] Now Public

[[7]] Practical Action

[8]] Miro TV

[[9]] Approprepedia

[[10]] World Changing

[[11]] Maker Wiki

[[12]] Group Jazz

[[13]] Appropriate Technology Sourcebook

[[14]] Architects Without Borders

[[15]] Open Architecture Project

[[16]] Adena Center

[[17]] Nabuur

[[18]] National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Conference

[[19]] Global Ecovillage Network

[[20]] Open Sustainability Network

[[21]] Independent Media Center

[[22]] Intentional Communities portal

[[23]] International Institute for Sustainable Development

[[24]] Free Press

[[25]] Synergein - The classic proposal for a million solar villages

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