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1) Neighborhood Organization Presentation (2008)

2) Business Communicaitons Model (2009-2010)

3) Global Environmental Policy Project (2011)

4) Innovation Processes Project (2012)

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Revision v1-2:

From: Economic Dimension Working Group, Ecovillage Design Education/ Ecovillage Design Education Southwest

Click to see a pdf version of the ROUGH February 2008 Sustainable Community Design / Media Synergy powerpoint presentation: [1]

Vision:[edit | edit source]

Sustainable Community Design / Media SynergySlide.001-001.jpg

We Are Designers Who:


co-creative systems which support the rapid transition of whole communities to sustainability;


in the development of innovative, efficient, bio-mimicry based local/global community centers and networks which embody and seed the practices of ecological societies;

Synergize design and media collaboratives which channel community and global knowledge, wisdom, and resources for learning and action;


through communications training, facilitation, documentation, production, distribution, infrastructure, services and liaisons with networks and partners around the world.



Design Team Anticipated Results:

Initial framework & measures:

Local/global sustainable community media system conceptual development.

  • Short term deliverables in the form of production and analysis of content from the 2007-2008 Albuquerque EDE seminars.
  • Phased development of products and services to provide scalable, full-spectrum media collaboratives, with associated networks and services.

Organizational Development:

Our plan is to create several holding companies dedicated to providing long term stability to a network of subsidiaries, as well as necessary strategic partnerships, collaboratives and consortia, and accountable to a diverse base of sustainable community stake-holders.

Principal subsidiaries are devoted to:

Training and Consultation
Production and Distribution
Infrastructure Development

Sustainable Design Tools Online[edit | edit source]

Sustainable Media Tools Online[edit | edit source]

Integrated Sustainable Design/Media Tools Online and in Community[edit | edit source]

Cognate and Partner Resources[edit | edit source]

Open discussion list for communities and practitioners exploring the Gaia Ecovillage Curriculum and the applicability of the Sustainable Community Design / Media approach:

[[2]] Open Living and Learning for Sustainability

[[3]] Video introduction to Ecovillage Design / Media Training (pending)

This is a growing list of resources, models and partners. Please feel free to add and elaborate as we move forward.

[[4]] Ecovillage Wiki

[[5]] Research for Development

[[6]] Now Public

[[7]] Practical Action

[8]] Miro TV

[[9]] Approprepedia

[[10]] World Changing

[[11]] Maker Wiki

[[12]] Group Jazz

[[13]] Appropriate Technology Sourcebook

[[14]] Architects Without Borders

[[15]] Open Architecture Project

[[16]] Adena Center

[[17]] Nabuur

[[18]] National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Conference

[[19]] Global Ecovillage Network

[[20]] Open Sustainability Network

[[21]] Independent Media Center

[[22]] Intentional Communities portal

[[23]] International Institute for Sustainable Development

[[24]] Free Press

[[25]] Synergein - The classic proposal for a million solar villages

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