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Action items[]

These are the steps we discussed that need to happen to move the GP forward:

  1. Living Routes committed to getting Carbon Calculator more useable by May
  2. Brainstorming the idea of logo (an image of the Earth with a recycling symbol around it)—Daniel sent to Sherry, who forwarded to Abroad View's designer.
  3. Abroad View will continue to host the GP profiles and update the students pages. Sherry is talking with AV's website technician about timeframe for being able to host user pages.
  4. GP committee will continue mapping out steps for the website. Also, we need to develop a set of research questions for back-end database, which will be integrated with user pages & Forum.
  5. Create brochure/handbook that can be used as a proposal to send to donor; can change cover letter depending on audience. Rodney is currently reviewing Abroad View estimates with his colleagues at UNC.
  6. Begin to develop joint grant proposal that is interdisciplinary and collaboration from our different institutions.
  7. Plan a meeting for GP at NAFSA Conference in D.C.